This is the poweranimals of a good friend and soulmate. The first one who comes up was the artic fox, it happend when I wrote to her to tell her that i would try to make a picture for her.
And he named him self "Monduhi".

I try to find more animals for her several times, but the only thing that came up was her and Monduhi, into a place that gave me the feeling that we was back into inka/ old Egypt. And my friend and the fox, just stood there, and she held a torch in her hand.

I could sense a lot of animals but no one came out so I could see them ;) Finaly after a lots of try, they show them for me, and the first one was an Ozelot, and then a really big constrictor came.
Then I saw a bear, it was a bit shy, so he never show me more than he`s back, and I felt that he`s a young one :)
And then a funny bird came, a big one and all i saw was the wings and his body, the feather had a beautiful dark brown color, and in the end of them it was a glowing red-orange color, I felt that he had eagle head, but every time I try to look at it, it switched between a turkey and a vulture ;o
After a long time, trying to look at him I got tired and just asked who and what he was, then he answered "I`m the fire bird", funny kind, I tought, but theres so many species that I can`t know them all ....
He named himself "Tahnato"

The last one was also a tricy one, he hang in a three with he`s head down, but I knew he wasn`t a bat, And I try to figure out what this little one could be, at last he turned around and show me his "wings" before he hang himself up again *LOL* It was a flying squirrel ;)

Then I had to look up the fire bird (ildfugl in norwegian) on internett, but the only thing that showed up was a butterfly, and this one was definitely NOT a butterfly, so I made the search in english and there he was ... Phoenix ;)

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