The Color Orange. net and Candle for Tibet
And this page is inspired by Tittin
Can a color really make a differense ? Yes, I belive that, I know what the paperclip ment in Norway during the war 1940 - 1945, a quiet protest and a sign for king, country and people.

No one can ban a color, this is a sophisticated way to express your meaning, in this case about the human rights violations in China and other places in the world.

I belive that good energies can be spread, that`s why I let myself inspire by this, and even that only is about China and Olympic Games in 2008, I know that it can do more than just that ;)
For me is this like the tiny little butterfly far away, that have so great power in the wings that it effects me on the other side of the world ................

I also have made a video of the song that two danish composer have donated to this campaign. they are:

Erling Hjernø and Dan Hjernø


If you want this on your page .... you find the code here


This is my small contribution to spread a color and a message ;)



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