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I am TamTam and I am a previous streetcat myself. I did not enjoy being a streetcat so I did find myself the way to a Cat Sanctuary, and from there I moved to the humans I live with today.
Unfortunately not all streetcats and homeless cats are as lucky as I was, so when my humans told me about all the unfortunate streetcats that exist here in my valley (The Belbo Valley in Italy), I though that this was my opportunity to give something back to the society, and help these cats.
In this valley there is no cat sanctuary, or other sanctuary for abandoned animals. The valleys close to us have that, but it is our one hour drive, and they are already struggling taking care of the animals in their own valleys. So it really is time to start something in this valley.
Off course it would be wonderful to be able to start a sanctuary here as well, but in the beginning we will concentrate on getting these cats proper food, shelter and the medical treatment they so clearly need.
And our first goal is to get these cats to trust enough that we can get them into a familyplanning program (neutering). We do not want anymore “unwanted” stray cats to be born. Luckily we do get a lot of support from the local vets, but we still need money to reach our goal to help these cats.

Therefore I have started my own shop. I have my own shop at internet where you can buy a lot of merchandise to support our cause. All with photos of earlier streetcats. I especially recommend that you buy a shopping bag, as many animals suffers and dies every year after being trapped in plastic bags.

I also have my own field where I grow catnip of the very best quality.
That you can order directly from me at facebook.



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