How to use chrystals.

When you want to use a chrystal/stone during a healing, there are several methods of procedure to choose from.

It is wise to make sure you feel a connection with its energy. To do that, hold the stone in your hand and be aware what your intuition tells you. Choose the stone you feel is right to use there and then.

Other ways to use chrystals are :
Use it as a pendant around your neck.
Attach it on the spot that hurts or needs treatment.
Attach it to a specific chakra connected to the problem.
Put it in your pocket. ( Left side indicate the emotional side, right side indicate energy and ability to act )
Place it under your pillow, during the night.
Focus / meditate on the characteristics of the stone.
Lay down for 10 - 30 minutes, place the stone where you feel its right to put it. You might also listen to relaxing music. Meditate.
Put it in drinking water in the evening, take out the stone and drink the water the next morning.

AS A RULE; make shore the stone is not toxic! Check the list below.

Exercises with stones:
Stones can enable you to get to know yourself better. The following exercise is easy to do. You can do it by yourself or together. Spread out all the stones you have on a table. Without thinking, spontanious, pick out a stone. Then hold the stone in your hand, look at it, feel it, try to experience it. You might also close your eyes, to check out any inner pictures, emotions, thoughts or assosiasions...... Afterwards, share the experience with each other or write it down. Later on, you also can read up on your knowlege about that spesific stone, and also find out what other people have experienced. It doesn't hurt if you in advance, knows a little about the chakras and the symbolism of colours. If you by chance pick a purple stone, it might indicate you are occupied with spiritual aspects in your life right now. Is the stone black, it indicates a need of realism and grounding ( earthing). This exercise is brilliant to do daily, alone or together with your family.

Another exercise:
This is a little bit more complicated than the first, where you pick only one stone. You can do this alone or together. Spread out all your stones in front of you. Pick seven stones and lay them on the table ( or floor ) as you feel like. Now is the time to notice: The way you pick out the stones, what order, what kind of stones you have picked and how they form a pattern or "picture" in front of you. In the sequence, stone number one correspond to the root chakra, number two correspond to hara chakra and so forth.

If you put back one stone = indicates something you are done with / something complete. Conflict between two stones = both stones are just as important or insignificant.

The "picture" on the table shows:
Horizontal row = socitety / to reach out in the world
Vertical row = the spiritual side of life.
Cirkle = whole
Square = order / get things in order
"a pile of stones = diversity of the creative

This exercise is more demanding, but pratice makes perfect. You must know about your stones, the chakras, the rainbow, symbols and psychology.
Then, also use your intuition. The better intuition, the better insight / knowledge. The exercise is a perfect way of training intuition.

Stones and crystals not suited for oil- and drinking essence:
Atacamit - copper chloride - toxic
Auricalcit - Basic zink-copper carbonate - toxic
Basalt with yellow calcite - unfit
Boji-stone - unfit
Bronchantit - unfit
Chalcantit - coppersulphate/ blue stone - toxic
Coboltcalcit - unfit
Dioptas - aqueous mixture copper silicate - toxic
Fuschit - unfit
Garnierit - nickeliferous
Galenit - silver lead ore - toxic
Halit - halite / salt stone - fall apart
Halloysit with malachite - malachite contains copper - toxic
Copper - pure matter - toxic
Magnetite - Unfit
Malachite - copper - toxic
Markasit - iron pyrite - toxic
Mohawkit - iron, Zink,nickel,silver and copper - toxic
Okenit - Unfit
Pyrit sol - iron pyrite - toxic
Realgar - ruby sulphur - toxic
Selenit - Unfit
Sandrose - Unfit
Smithsonit - Kobberholdig zinkkarbonat - toxic
Ulexit - in contact with water, the stone fade
Vanadinit - Unfit
Wulfenit - Blymolybden - unfit
Zircon - Unfit

Thank you my friend, Evy-Ann for the translate ;)

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