What is crystal healing?

Crystals and stones used in crystal therapy / healing are minerals or gemstones found in the nature. A variety of minerals can reform under prevailing conditions, and the stones then change into a geometrical form reflecting the inner atomic structure.

Crystal therapists use stones and crystals in order to dissolve blockages and harmonize the bio energetic systems. Usual you do this by placing the stones directly on the body in connection with the chakras or the bodies energy system. Also, you can carry them within your pocket or use it as a a piece of jewellery.
As Reiki, this is not new wisdom, but an ancient method of healing. It has been used for thousands of years. The Ebers Papyrus from Egypt, describes the crystals therapeutic effects for various health problems.

These ancients texts located in Luxor, was treasured by Edwin Smith in 1862. It is not known from where these texts origined, but the rumor is that they were found between the legs of a mummy in the district of Assassif. Edwin Smith had the Papyrus in his collection until 1869, when it turned up in a catalogue of antiques.

George Ebers purchased the papyrus in 1872, thereof its name. In 1875. Ebers published a facsimile of an English - Latin vocabulary and the preface of the papyrus. It contained 110 pages and is the largest volume of medical papyri. The Ebers Papyrus dates back to 1534 B.C and has point of references to the first dynasty in Egypt 3000 years B.C.

The Holy Bible, as other religious texts, often refers to the crystals good qualities, as symbolism on spiritual excellence and used during religious rituals. An example is the ephod of Aron.

Christian mystics speaks in praise of the crystals good qualities.

What is the word in modern time:
The effects are often explained by modern time science. A more scientific concept does not exclude a more metaphysical model. Those models does not exclude the latter.

Today crystals are used in extended scales in technology and electronics as in radio communication, solar cells, laser, radio-gramophones and clocks. The crystals are suitable because of its unique electromagnetic nature, also called the piezoeffect. Crystals exposed to mechanical pressure will produce energy. Exposed to electric current they will produce mechanical vibration.

Many people think that crystals and other gems in similar ways can effect the processes in the body by ratiocinate with the crystals physics and energy fields. Scientist Marcel Vogel, a senior partner at IMB for 27 years, suggests that a quartz crystal can multiply and direct energy for a therapeutic connection. He thinks crystals will collect and balance the energy field interrupted, and also problems in the mind.

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