How to purify chrystals?

Cleanse / purify a chrystal.
Chrystals should be cleansed at regular intervals, as they absorb / soak up the energy around them. In that case, hold the chrystal and rinse under running cold water. When doing it, imagine the water rinse off all heavy energies.
If you feel for even more cleansing, pour some seasalt in water and soak the chrystals in this blending. Then rinse off in running water.
Be aware that some chrystals are more sensitive than others, check the list below.

Also, you can dig a hole in the ground / dirt and let them stay there till you feel for digging them up. Then rinse in running water.

Another possibility, is to cleanse the stone by putting it on top or beside a large rock crystal /quartz, amethyst, rose quartz or other cleansing stone. These give balance to the chrystal.

Myself, I cleanse my chrystals by holding them and sending healing and pure light and love through them

How often should I do this?

Thereabouts are a lot of different opinions. Some think you need to cleanse stones and chrystals after use, every time. Stones placed in your home and not often used or for decoration only, should be cleasned once a week or every other week.

My opinion is that your know best when to cleanse your stones and chrystals. You will feel it. Use your intuition.

How to charge your chrystals?

To charge a chrystal is to provide positive energy into it, in order for the stone to pass on the positivity and be used for healing. Charge them in sunlight.

Remember: check the list below.

Also, charge them in the moon light, or use both types of energy.

Another way of using energy and stones / chrystlas,is to charge it with the type of energy you set your heart on. Hold the chrystal in your hands and program it with the kind of energy you want it to give.

Sensitive stones and chrystals.

These should not soak:

Lapis Lazuli - Only rinse in cold water - dry off .
Malakite - Only rinse in cold water - dry off.
Turquoise (pressed) - Only rinse in cold water - dry off.

These are sensitive towards sunlight:

Amethyst - Might fade
Rosenkvarts - Might fade
Turquoise - Might dry up and fade

These are sensitive for heat:

Amethyst - Might fade by medium to strong heat
Quarz - Crack by sudden variation of temperature
Lapis Lazuli - Unnvik sterk varme
Malakite - Avoid sudden variation in temperature
Turmalin - Heat changes the colour
Turquoise - Sensitive towards all heat
Chrystals easily scared:

Lapis Lazuli
Moonstone / lunar rock

Thank you my friend, Evy-Ann for the translate ;)

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